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Sorrentino, Geralyn
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Plastic Film Recycling as of 3/8/17=814.5 pounds collected!

Our plastic bag recycling collection at Hawthorne is on again this year. We will be collecting plastic film for recycling through April. If Hawthorne recycles the most plastic film (we're in the lead so far compared to schools in 12 states!) we will win a laminate bench made from plastic film. In 2016, our school collected and sent 584 pounds of plastic film and bags to Trex in 80 school days! Trex, the plastic-to-laminate recycling manufacturer, uses about 1000 bags, or 12 lbs. of plastic, to make a planter like the one we earned. Our planter is filled with 2nd grader’s potato plants in our outdoor classroom. Please keep recycling by taking your plastic bags and other plastic film to Mariano’s Jewel, and Kohl’s, which are the local stores who partner with Trex. You may be interested in learning how recycled bags can become composite lumber. Here's a 2 min-video that shows the process

Here's artwork about plastic bags. Click on the picture in the link to help visualize  60,000 plastic bags, the number used in the US every five seconds. www.chrisjordan.com/gallery/rtn/#plastic-bags

Curriculum Night 8/24

Eco Explorers Create Bubbles

Green Team and Student Council's Arbor Day Planting Celebration

Geralyn Sorrentino

Happy Pi Day! Recital 3/14/17

Pi Day is celebrated by math enthusiasts around the world on March 14th (3/14). At Hawthorne's 6th Annual Pi Recital, 143 students in grades 1-5 stretched their brains and memorized digits of Pi (3.1415926535...), which is the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter. Hawthorne's 2017 top reciters memorized over 100 digits of Pi: Gio Santoro (413), Max Wickenkamp (229), Mark Stukel (221), Niko Stathopoulos (171), Caroline Fischer (161), Kailin Mendiola (160), Joey Rinchiuso (146),  Will Fischer (126), Anna Filosa (120), Saveen Shah (118), Matt Lizak (114), Clara Fitzer (104), Libby Donaldson (104), Kennedy Mirante (103), and Alexa Klein (101)!

In addition, top primary students were George Redfearn, Grade 3 (58), Jaiden Shah Gr 2 (50), and Michael Dorko Gr 1 (30).

Our brains are amazingly stretchable with such a great capacity so keep exercising them!

Click here to download the 2017 reciters list from Hawthorne.

A link to some Hawthorne reciting videos and Elmhurst Titan article

2017 Pi Reciters

Problem of the Week

Sam the Squirrel found a basket of pine cones one morning. He decided that every day he would double the number of pine cones in the basket in the morning and eat 2 pine cones out of the basket in the afternoon. At the end of the third day, there were 34 pine cones in the basket. How many pine cones were in the basket when Sam the Squirrel found it?


Three baskets contain a total of 18 apples. The first two baskets contain a total of 11 apples. The second and third baskets contain a total of 9 apples. What is the number of apples in the second basket?

EXTRA CREDIT. Please email your answer or write your solution and work and put it in the extra credit box. Due 4/10

Use the links below to help you improve your memorization of the digits. If you can accurately recite at least 20 digits of pi, you will be recognized. 

Pi Trainer (you can use this to practice)

Pi Pi Mathematical Pi Song -You can sing the digits!

Another Pi Song

Pi Sugar Plum Fairy Song

Digits of Pi Song

List of Pi Digits (over 2000 digits in groups of 10!)

Circle Song-Learn about where we use Pi

The Pi Episode of Math Bites

Pi Explained with Pies-yum!

National Pi Registry of Memorizers

International Pi Ranking-Look for Hawthorne students!

Click here to download the 2016 reciters from Hawthorne.

Lunch Bunch Fun!

Current Assignments

Assigned: 3/20/17 Due: 3/24/17

Assigned: 2/28/17 Due: 3/23/17

Assigned: 3/9/17 Due: 3/23/17

Assigned: 3/22/17 Due: 3/23/17

Assigned: 3/20/17 Due: 3/23/17

REACH ID INFO for 2017-18

Placement letters will be sent to qualifying students only in Grades 2 and 5. Placement rubrics for 2nd-3rd grade and 5th-6th grade transition have been updated for the 2017-18 school year. They can be found on the district Reach site in Identification. 

Students in Grades 3 and 4 will not be automatically screened. To be considered for placement in 2017-18, families must file an appeal by 3/15. The process is detailed on the district Reach site in Appeal Process.

Sharpen Your Skills!

REACH Supply List

At least 2 sharpened pencils

1 red pen

1 large pencil eraser (‘Pink Pearl’ or similar)

2 Expo markers (for white boards)

One folder for each REACH subject (LA or Math)

Lined notebook paper or spiral notebook

Assignment notebooks (used in the classroom) should be brought to each REACH class

In Grades 3-5 Language Arts, Microsoft Word and Power Point are used so a flash drive is also helpful.

REACH Expectations


  • Homework is posted and discussed daily– it is each child’s responsibility to copy HW in their assignment notebook and ask questions as needed.

  • Homework will also be posted on my website.

  • If a ...more