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Kelly Iturbide Locker

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Kelly Iturbide

Iturbide, Kelly (630) 834-4541 ex.6221 Second Grade Teacher kiturbide@elmhurst205.org

Red Folders

Red Folders will come home once a week.  The book inside the folder should be something that your child is mostly able to read and understand on their own.  The book might be a little easy for them, or they may need help with a few words.  Students should not need help with every other word.  My expectation is that your child reads the book in their folder every night.  Folders will come home on Monday nights and should be returned to school on Friday morning.  Please fill in the form that is in the folder.  Mark the title, level, and if your child is comprehending (understanding) and fluent (read at appropriate pace).  Happy Reading!


Students are allowed to go to the library during specific times during our school day.  They can go up to twice a week.  This means that every student in our class could have a different day that their library book is due.  Please help your child to return their library book on time.  Due dates for the book are stamped on the inside cover.  

Purple Folders

Purple folders will be sent home about once a month.  Inside the folder will be papers that the students are expected to share with a parent.  These papers need to be reviewed.  All papers must be put back in the purple folder and returned to school as soon as possible.  Please make sure that a parent signs the front sheet to acknowledge they have reviewed the papers with their child.  If you would like to make a comment, there is a spot for that.  Please remember to return all papers in the purple folder. 

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Today: 5/27/19

Guest Reader

Guest Reader is on Thursdays from 1:25 - 1:50

Feel free to bring in books of your choice.  Most people can get through 2 or 3 books depending on the length.  It's up to you if you would like to keep it a surprise or tell your child ahead of time.  




Please remember that our classroom needs to remain allergy safe.  Students should have fresh fruits and vegetables only.  Thanks for your understanding and help with this matter. 

Specials Schedule

Monday - PE - 12:55-1:25 with Mrs. Bashor

Tuesday - PE - 1:25-1:55 with Mrs. Bashor

Wednesday - Music - 1:25-1:55 with Ms. Cunanan

Thursday - Music- 12:55-1:25 with Ms. Cunanan

Friday - Art- 12:55-1:55 with Mr. Wesseler