Hawthorne Elementary School

Ms. Renee Gaston

Welcome To First Grade - Room113

Welcome to the exciting, adventurous journey I call first grade!  This is my thirty third year teaching first grade at Hawthorne, and I am looking forward to a year filled with friendship, fun, growth, and development with your child.  In my classroom, I recognize each student as a unique person with individual needs and learning styles.  My main goal is to find the strengths in every child and build on them.  I believe that it is my responsibility to provide the students with the tools they will need to become lifelong learners.  I hope to instill in the children a love of exploration and discovery.  I want the learning process to be a positive experience.

Weekly News

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The following concepts were covered throughout the week:


Language Arts:


- continued to read and discuss nonfiction books

- discussed main idea and supporting details

- continued to ask and answer questions to understand key details in a given text

- identified the "bossy r - er, ir, or, ur and ar sounds"

- creative animal writing ("If I had animal hair like a ___."  and  "If I had animal eyes like a___." and "If I had animal teeth like a ___." and "If I had animal ears like a _____.")

- wrote in our weekend journal

- introduced opinion writing (opening sentence, stating three detailed reasons for your opinion and conclusion: restating opinion in a different way)





- compared counting by ones and counting by tens to decide which way is more efficient 

- used the place value chart to record and name tens and ones

- identified greater than or less than of two numbers

- used the symbols <, =, > to compare quantities and numerals

- interpreted two-digit numbers as either tens and some ones or as all ones

- added and subtracted tens from multiples of ten

- added tens to a two-digit number

- wrote two-digit numbers as addition sentences that combine tens and ones

- used the counting on and the make ten strategy when adding

- worked in our math journals and application booklets



Social Studies:


- read and discussed books about the spring season





- discussed the the forest habitat and the grasslands habitat

- enjoyed our field trip to Brookfield Zoo



Calm Classroom:


- technique ~ Square Breathing





Extra Information

~  Please check red folder each night.


~ Library books are due every Friday.


~ Please pack a fruit or vegetable each day for a snack.


~ "Sharing Time" is every Friday.  Please bring in something to share with your classmates (an item or a thought).




Specials Schedule

Art  - Wednesdays

Library - Fridays   

Music -  Mondays and Thursdays       

P.E. - Mondays and Thursdays


Math Resource

Class Size

We have 20 students in our classroom.


Boys ~ 9


Girls ~ 11


March Birthday

Yash ~ 3 ~ 26