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Cunanan, Samantha
General Music Teacher/Choir Director scunanan@elmhurst205.org

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Current Assignments

Welcome to Music!

Welcome back!

Hello everyone and welcome back to another great year at Hawthorne!  I'm so excited to be back singing, dancing and playing with everyone and I know that this 2018-2019 school year will be a great one!  Please check back regularly for updates on important events and resources.


And as always, never hesitate to contact me at scunanan@elmhurst205.org!  I'm looking forward to another year of making fabulous music with everyone!

Recorder Game

Need some extra recorder practice?  Try this online game to help you improve your tone and technique!  All you need is a computer microphone and an email address and you're on your way to becoming a recorder master!  Just click the link below:


Joy Tunes Recorder Master Game


Happy playing! =)

What CAN we do?

All of the concepts we learn and activities we do in music are so that the students can do something in one of these big "I CAN" statements.  Based upon the National Standards for Arts Education, these statements provide some big picture goals for us to work towards while we sing, dance, create, and play everyday.  Students work hard every class to be able to say...


  1. I can sing, alone and with others, different kinds of music.
  2. I can perform on instruments, alone and with others, different kinds of music.
  3. I can improvise melodies, variations, and accompaniments
  4. I can compose and arrange music.
  5. I can read and notate (write) music.
  6. I can listen to, analyze and describe music.
  7. I can evaluate music and music performances.
  8. I can understand relationships between music and other subjects.
  9. I can understand music in relation to history and culture.


Music Room 115

Music Room 115

About Ms. Cunanan

Here are a few fun facts about Ms. Cunanan:

  • Graduated with a BME from Wheaton College (IL) in 2012
  • Loves to play piano, ukulele, and sing
  • Big Lord of the Rings nerd
  • Disney enthusiast
  • Has a weakness for coffee and chocolate
  • Loves listening to ALL kinds of music - from classical to pop, from jazz to r&b, to everything in between!


Quote of the Month

2nd grade Rhythm Compositions (2015-2016)