Hawthorne Elementary School

November 2014

November in Hawthorne's Outdoor Classroom

November in Hawthorne's Outdoor Classroom

Hawthorne 4th graders learn about the value of native plants and how to protect our ecosystems by removing invasive species.

This fall, 4th grade students at Hawthorne School learned about invasive species as part of their science unit on ecosystems.

On October 20th, Lindsay Darling, ecologist at the Morton Arboretum, taught 4th graders about burning
bushes, an invasive plant that, when its’ seeds are dispersed, can thrive in local forests and block out growth of native species that support wildlife. Two weeks later on November 5th, the 4th graders assisted staff and parent volunteers in removing the eight burning bushes that were planted in the Hawthorne Outdoor Classroom.

Hawthorne School is dedicated to supporting the health of our native ecosystems including the butterflies, birds and other wildlife that live here.

Learn more about burning bushes and invasive species, by watching these short videos:

Invasive Species Video

Burning Bush Video

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Teacher representatives: Sue Lindstrom, Catherine Hochleutner, Cathy Behrend

Parent representatives: Stacey Burns, Lisa Gerhold-Dirks