Hawthorne Elementary School

April-May 2015

Springtime in Hawthorne's Outdoor Classroom

Springtime in Hawthorne's Outdoor Classroom

With the arrival of warmer days, the Outdoor Classroom was buzzing with activity! Composting has been taking place all winter long in the school.  The compost will be mixed with the Outdoor Classroom soil to enrich the seeds that are being planted. The 2nd graders have planted lettuce, kale, radishes and other items to fill their bowls for Salad Day.  The pockets will be replanted by the present 2nd graders with crops that will then be ready in September.  The children who will then be 3rd graders will harvest carrots, onions, potatoes, etc. to cook into vegetable soup.

Multiple grades will enjoy the Eve Bunting book, Sunflower House, and then plant sunflower seeds of their own to create a habitat for neighborhood animals and a relaxing spot within the Outdoor Classroom.  It will take a summer of care to have the sunflowers grow to great heights.

The tulips that were planted 5 years ago are poking up from the rich soil.  Native plants are also beginning to reach for the sun’s warmth.  Student Council held a May Day sale on May 1st to sell items made from recycled materials.  Items sold, which support the Outdoor Classroom, were Smencils, Smens, erasers, notepads, seed embedded bookmarks and squeeze stars and sports balls to relieve stress. 

Finally, the Outdoor Classroom committee is looking for interested parents to join our group and plan for the care and activity that takes place in the Outdoor Classroom.  Click the links below for a brief explanation of what to expect along with a family survey to help pick our new mascot!

Outdoor Classroom Opportunity for Parents

Survey to Pick New Mascot!

Please contact the Outdoor Classroom Team for more information:

Teacher representatives: Sue Lindstrom, Catherine Hochleutner, Cathy Behrend

Parent representatives: Stacey Burns, Lisa Gerhold-Dirks