Hawthorne Elementary School

Eco Party Kits and Tablecloths

You Can Make your Classroom Party or PTA Event More Sustainable by Choosing Reusable Hospitality Supplies – and Save Money as Well!



There are four Eco Party Kits available for use at classroom parties and other PTA events. 

The kits are located in the PTA storeroom (back section) unless otherwise noted close to holiday party time. If you need a larger water jug, the PTA also has two 5-gallon yellow jugs available.

Each kit contains:

1 two-gallon water jug

1 set of plastic cups (32 cups)

1 plastic carrying case

1 empty plastic bag



Guidelines for use: 

  • Sign the kit out before using, and sign back in upon return (The sign out sheet is in a folder near the kits in the PTA storeroom).
  • The gallon jugs should be used for water only.  
  • Lids must be slightly loosened before water will flow out the spigot. 
  • Collect used cups in the plastic bag to keep them separate from any unused cups.
  • Wash and thoroughly dry cups, carrying case and gallon jug before return.
  • Cups are top-rack dishwasher safe. 
  • Keep kits away from common allergens.
  • Return promptly. This is especially important during holiday party week and end-of-year picnic week when several groups may need them each day.





The PTA also has a set of 13 red fabric tablecloths available for PTA events and hospitality purposes.  They are located in the PTA storeroom. Consider using them for the Holiday Gift Sale tables, Book Sale tables, indoor classroom parties, end-of-year luncheon, etc.


Guidelines for use:

  • Sign tablecloth(s) out before using and sign back in upon return. (The sign out sheet is in a folder near the tablecloth bins in the PTA storeroom)
  • Wash tablecloths in cold water, dry and fold prior to return.
  • No need to iron. They are fairly wrinkle-free.
  • Please do not use at outdoor events.