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Weaver, Caroline
LRC Director cweaver@elmhurst205.org

Rebecca Caudill 25th Anniversary Video

See all 25 winners of the Caudill Award and their authors!!!


Hawthorne Library

Hawthorne students visit the library with their class and teacher every week for at least 30 minutes..   Most teachers will also schedule an extra 2-3 sessions per project to finish larger research or literature-based projects or webquests.  Many projects involve using the chromebooks or  the TRC.

Book checkout is on a "semi-flexible" basis, with students in grades 1-5 having access to our collection every day. Students in grades 3-5 have been instructed in the use of our online catalog to assist them in their search for the perfect book.

Kindergarten does have a set schedule.

How to find Mrs. Weaver's links

If you are looking for the resources you can use from home, look on the left panel of this page.  Click "library online catalog."  Then click the same words in the middle of the page. This will bring you to the home page that you see in the LRC. You can find all the links Mrs. Weaver teaches you how to use on this page.

Reading Program Lists

Click here for the 2019 Rebecca Caudill (grades 4-8) Master List:




To access the Bluestem (grades 3-5) and Monarch (grades K-3) lists, click here:


Look on the left hand side under "Book Awards."

Book Checkout

Students in K-1 visit the LRC once a week to check out library books. Grades 2-5 may visit the LRC for checkout as often as necessary during designated checkout hours.  Checkout time is one week, and new books may not be checked out until the previous week's book has been returned.  Students have been reminded of our simple book care rules:

1. Keep your books clean and dry.

2. Keep your books in a safe place away from food, drink, younger sublings who like to color, rip, or tear, and animals that like to nibble.

3. Use only flat, clean paper as a bookmark.  Please!  No dogears!!

4. Return your books on time so all may enjoy them.  We do not charge fines, but lost or damaged books will result in a replacement charge. 

Middle School Summer Reading 2018

Click below for info about Middle School Summer Reading Requirements:


2018 Parent Letter 


Elmhurst Public Library Reading List

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