Hawthorne Elementary School

Recycling at PTA Events

Recycling at PTA Events



Hawthorne students, teachers and staff recycle in every classroom,

the lunchroom and teacher’s lounge. Recycling should also occur
at all PTA events. Please familiarize yourself and your committee
with what can and cannot be recycled at your event.


A recycling bin should be placed next to the trash bin at each event.
There is a recycling bin in nearly every room at Hawthorne,
and two large recycling bins in the old gym/lunchroom.


See information below:

What’s Recyclable/What’s Not 

Which bins to use 



What IS recyclable at Hawthorne:


GreenRecyclingSymbol.jpg• Plastic bottles and containers with recycling symbols 1-7 (except #6 foam).
   Containers should be 95% empty.

• Aluminum cans, foil, etc.

• Milk cartons, other dairy and juice cartons
• Tin or steel cans

• Glass bottles and jars

• Paperboard (ie: cereal boxes or similar)

• Flattened cardboard

• Newspapers, magazines, office paper, brown paper bags, phone books


What is NOT recyclable:


TrashCan.jpg• Plastic bags of any kind

• Plastic wrap, candy wrappers, chip bags

• Plastic utensils

• Straws

• Juice pouches (collected in separate bins for TerraCycle)

• Paper napkins

• Unmarked plastics (those that don’t have a recycling triangle on them 

   such as peel-off lids from fruit cups, etc.) 

• Foam containers (even if they have a #6 recycling symbol on them)

• Containers with food or other trash inside (must be at least 95% empty)

• Liquids (dump leftovers in liquid bucket before recycling)

• Food


Which bins to use:




Events without liquids:


• Ice Cream Social

• Book Fair

• Science and Hobby Night


For outdoor events, trash and recycling bins should be wheeled outside and placed next to each other. Bins can be found in the old gym. Please move bins back to the gym after your event.










Events with liquids:

Bins with liquid.jpg

• First Day of School Coffee
• Hot Dog Picnic Lunch (pour leftover water on bushes)

• Hawthorne Happening (2 sets in new gym)
• School Dance (2 sets in new gym)

• Room Coordinator Luncheon
• End-of-Year Luncheon

• Events where drinks are sold or consumed


Containers and cups with liquids inside should be emptied before going in the trash or recycling bins. Liquid buckets can be found in the old gym/lunchroom. Place liquid buckets next to the recycling bins.





Classroom events:

classroom.jpg• Classroom parties

• PTA meetings in library


All classrooms at Hawthorne have trash and recycling bins.











Juice pouches:



juice pouches.jpg


If you serve juice pouches at an event, please put the empty pouches in the special bin. They will be sent to TerraCycle for reuse. TerraCycle allows straws to be left in the pouch. These containers are stored in the old gym/lunchroom.